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..." I wanted to thank you very much for fast service!"... K. (San Antonio Texas, 2014)

..." Other engineers gave us similar data but no one covered the details like you had."... S. (Victoria Texas, 2014)

..."Your analysis and explanation was by far the most detailed and useful to us"... S. (Austin, Texas, 2014)

"...Thank you for getting this done so quickly. I am pressed for time as the option period ends tomorrow."...
J. (San Antonio, Texas, 2014)

..."Nobody else assessed the attic and nobody else noticed the gapping in areas of the brick façade mortar. I also received two erroneous explanations of what efflorescence is from your competition... S. (San Antonio Texas, 2014)

..."Thank you for your assistance and advice on the problem. We’re going to follow your recommendations and keep tight observation for any worsening conditions. S. (San Antonio Texas, 2014)

"...I found you online-the internet-I used your online line scheduling system to book my structural inspection..." Wade K. (Austin, Texas, 2012)

"...Appreciate your professionalism and promptness..." R. Moore (Adkins, Texas, 2012)

"...Thanks for making the trip down here--I plan to refer you to all of my customers..." Bob R. (Victoria, Texas, 2011)

"...I am not a structural engineer, but common sense told me I knew we had foundation problems...I appreciate the excellent suggestions on cost effective "non-structural" repairs--If any of my clients have similar problems, I plan to send them your way..." Domingo R., P. E. (New Braunfels, Texas, 2010)

"...Our builder started sounding like a broken record...and we knew we had problems...As I suspected, when I read your report my husband and I were relieved to know that fixing our foundation wasn't Rocket Science..." Tiffany C. (Westlake Hills, Texas, 2010)

"...We needed a professional engineering opinion and Lineberger did not disappoint builder is perfect...and ours is no exception. We weren't trying to re-invent the wheel-we just needed an objective opinion. Our foundation report has helped us immensely--thank you!..." Parker D. (Austin, Texas, 2010)

"...When our walls and floors started cracking we were very concerned. Now we know what the problems are and how the builder should fix them." Lauren D. (Pflugerville, Texas, 2009)

"...Our builder doesn't seem to understand what the problems are. We needed a professional to come out and look at our situation. We called Lineberger and now we have the info we need to tell the builder what to do to fix the problems..." Xavier N. (Cibolo, Texas, 2010)

"...We couldn't understand why our walls were lifting off the floor in our brand new house...our whole subdivision is having similar problems. Mr. Lineberger helped us and several of our neighbors also..." Juan S. (Schertz, Texas, 2009)

“...We were referred to Mr. Lineberger so we we expected the kind of services he delivered..that said, we are very satisfied with the report detail--we will use it wisely!...” Maribel U. (Pleasanton, Texas, 2009)

"...I am very pleased with the professionalism, expertise, prompt and thorough service I received from the Lineberger Consulting Engineers, Inc. I would definitely recommend family and friends to the company for service..." Salina G. (San Antonio, Texas, 2009)

“...We knew we had truss problems, but we did not know why. I've been told that we have some of the most expansive soils in the area. Mr. Lineberger showed us why we have cracking and showed us some ways to prevent them from happening again...” Wayne S. (San Antonio, Texas, 2010)

"...I was contacted by Mr Lineberger immediately after sending my e-mail request. He came out the same day and I had a certified engineering report by that evening. Great service. I believe this report, regarding the foundation repairs needed on our home, is going to save us a lot of money. My thanks to both Mr Lineberger..." Pablo D. (Austin, Texas, 2009)

“...We were very satisfied with Lineberger Consulting Engineers' inspection services and we plan to recommend Mr. Lineberger to our neighbors who are having similar structural problems...” Art G. (Victoria, Texas, 2009)

“...No nonsense-short and to the point. Thank you for giving us an objective opinion...” Jesse H. (Buda, Texas, 2010)

"...Appreciate your taking the time to explain all of the I know what to look for..." Mrs. B. (Del Rio, Texas, 2010)

"...We ordered an inspection on Monday and got the report on Tuesday--the report was very informative and full of ways to maintain our foundation" J. T. (San Marcos, Texas, 2010)

“...Now we know what the problems are--and we will have better information so our builder can do the needed warranty work...” Jose P. (McAllen, Texas, 2010)

“...Great info and report--Mr. Lineberger actually took the time to explain how our foundation and frame work together--well worth the fee paid...” Mr. & Ms. G. (Eagle Pass, Texas, 2010)

"...Our whole neighborhood has problems with the drainage and walls cracking and now we know what to do next..." Benito P. (Kyle, Texas, 2010)

"...I was surprised when Lineberger Consulting came out the same day I called and even more surprising was when I got the report a day later..." Alexa W. (Convict Hill, Texas, 2009)

“...We hired two engineers to look at our foundation and each of them told us the same thing. Turns out they both worked with foundation repair companies. So we hired Lineberger to get an objective opinion. We weren't surprised when we discovered that we did not need the repairs the two previous "engineers" suggested...” Frank & Jean O. (Alamo Heights, Texas, 2010)

“...Every foundation repair company said the same need piers. It just didn't make sense. So I called Lineberger to get an independent opinion of our situation. What a coincidence--I never needed piers in the first place to help the performance of my foundation!...” Minnie R. (Cedar Park, Texas, 2010)


Customer Testimonials  – Austin, Texas  Customer Testimonials – Austin, Texas  Customer Testimonials – Austin, Texas